The exclusive Cromocolor technology features a dedicated electronic junction box and enables you to select your preferred ambient lighting from a broad spectrum of colours by means of a remote control.



Light is colour. Colour is an expression of itself. Who says that light must be the same colour in every room of the house? Exclusive Cromocolor technology, with a dedicated electronic junction box, enables you to choose from a broad spectrum of colours. Rear illumination makes it possible to improve the colours of your television set for pleasant, restful viewing. Alternatively, you can customise areas of coloured light or pick a soft nuance for a subtle effect and saving energy at the same time. Cromocolor enables you to select an entire array of hues and to pass gradually and gracefully from one to another in a soft, refined succession of nuances and colours. The colours can be chosen using a practical remote control with memory settings for one-touch selection of the effect you desire.