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DOMANDE FREQUENTI - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I see with the video-projector?
All the programmes, films and shows coming from a video source. In actual fact, the video-projector can be used like a normal TV, with at disposal all the channels available on a TV set. The video-projector can be connected up to DVD players, satellite decoders, digital terrestrial decoders and video-recorders, but also computers, video-cameras, digital cameras and videogame consoles. Everything is easy and simple, usable with standard connections, just like a home TV.

Does the video-projector have to be located in a large room?
No. The size of the image can be regulated by means of a zoom to obtain the one you prefer according to the distance from the screen and personal taste. The image base can vary from 142 to 192 cm.

To see the video-projector images, does the room have to be dark?
No. Current levels of video-projection technology permit obtaining bright and luminous images even in un-darkened rooms. In particular, the Turati T4 solution uses one of the most cutting-edge and high-performance projectors of the Hitachi professional line, which boasts a luminosity of 3000 Ansi Lumen. This means exceptional results can be obtained even in full daylight and in rooms penetrated by sunlight.

How come a video-projector can be positioned so close to the screen?
The Hitachi video-projector uses the exclusive “ultrashort” lens which is able to convey images onto the screen from close up. To achieve this result, the video-projector features a special lens with motorised mirror and free-shaped technology, able to eliminate any image deformation.

Are the images high-definition?
The Hitachi video-projector is in HD-Ready standard. This means it is able to manage the high-definition signal and is therefore compatible with HD transmissions and devices as long as the video-projector is connected to the source using suitable connections.

How long does it take to screen the image?
Switch-on is immediate. In fact, the time is the same as that taken by a standard TV set.

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