An ingenious system of micro holes permits hiding subwoofer and audio speakers, without affecting sound quality. The sound in fact passes through the micro holes without losing its sharpness and freeing itself in the environment with all its power and definition.

The Triplo range features an ingenious system of microperforations which make it possible to conceal audio speakers without compromising sound quality. The sound passes through the micro-perforations and is diffused in the room in all its power and definition. The two speakers of a stereo hi-fi system or the three front speakers of a home cinema installation are hidden behind panels or inside the lighting portal. In the case of subwoofers, a special panel ensures bass notes are faithfully reproduced. The unit is also designed for easy hook-ups of the TV, Dvd player, audio system and any other appliances. Thus Triplo conceals equipment discreetly leaving you free to enjoy pure, clear sound.