Docking Station

A light incision hides a compartment with swing-up shelf on which to house a tablet or recharge each mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone, Mp3 player…). And in this solution, the tablet can dialogue with the TV or the projector, to watch a film on the large screen, to listen to music or to display a photo album.

Design calls design. Our program has been extended with a new accessory, a docking station to which iPads and other tablets, smartphones and Mp3 players can be connected. With its elegant and clean lines, consistent with latest design trends applied to consumer and computer electronics, the docking station is a convenient tablet holder housing, compatible with iPads and all Android system models. The docking station is also a practical recharging station: tablets and smartphones can be recharged in both idle position, fitted in the tablet holder, and in a hidden space in which to conceal the many different cables needed to recharge all the electronic devices used during the day. Direct connection is also contemplated between the tablet and the TV to make use of the multimedia contents stored on the devices: whole films, video recordings, music, photos. This way, tablet and smartphone can be used as a practical portable hard disk, together with TV, projector and audio home cinema. Once closed, the dock station disappears, with only the clean lines of the furniture unit to be seen.