The sensor receives a signal from the remote control and sends it on to the inside of the cabled cabinet, thus ensuring the correct and efficient operation of all equipment contained within it.

With Triplo, you can enjoy a film and the sensory pleasure of a home cinema installation without cluttering the house with all the equipment and bulky wires and cables. Triplo ensures everything is in its proper place: Dvd player, audio-video amplifier, videogame console. Each appliance and all its cabling is tucked away inside the unit so that only the design of the furniture is visible. The sensor can be fitted in a number of positions and can be adapted to every layout. By hiding away unsightly cables, the home becomes a safer, more pleasant environment to live in as well as being easier to clean. Thus Triplo ensures maximum practicality without spoiling the beauty of the furnishings, freeing space and making it a real pleasure to watch television.