Turati T4 began business in the 1960s, in an area called Brianza, about 20 km north of Milan, where many of Italy’s major furniture manufacturers are located. It was in this area and during this period, thanks among other things to the extensive availability of qualified and skilled workers, that the cooperation started between manufacturers and designers that was to lead, in the following decades, to the development and creation of "Made in Italy" in the furniture industry as well.


This period also marked the start of collaboration with architect Angelo Moscatelli who designed between the ‘70s and 1990 specific products for the living area. In 1990, in conjunction with architect Martino Perego, the TRIPLO program saw the light. This was distinguished by strong compositional flexibility to cater for the needs of designers and interior decorators. Since 2007, the program has been developed and directed by the designer Giuseppe dell'Orto.


While design, craftsmanship and quality were key features of the creative path of the ‘90s, it is in recent years that product identity has become increasingly more associated with technological innovation in order to interpret the requirements of home living areas in which technology and our need for wellbeing play an increasingly more important role.